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Construction Department

Township Of Dennis
County of Cape May
State Of New Jersey
Mailing Address:
Michael Morano
Construction Official
571 Petersburg Road
Dennisville, NJ 08214
Phone: 609-861-9705
Fax: 609-861-9719
Eileen Mcfillin
Email: Eileen McFillin
Michael J. Morano
Email: Michael Morano
Code Enforcement:
Phone: 609-861-9705
Fax: 609-861-9719
Email: David Gonnam

Construction Requirements:
Requirements for Application - New Buildings:
  1. Completed subcode forms and permit jacket
  2. Copy of survey with building/addition shown and setbacks from front, rear and side yards
  3. 2 sets of legible plans including elevations, floor plans, cross sections, electrical plan, plumbing schematic (water, sewer and gas risers), shop drawing for HVAC
  4. Well and septic permit for new construction
  5. Specifications on all pre-manufactured products including fireplaces, truss systems, heating and air conditioning
Contractor's License:
Pursuant to the Contractors’ Registration Act (P.L. 2004, c.16), Dennis Township will no longer require a local contractors’ license. All Home Improvement Contractors must register with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs in order to obtain a permit from this office.
Applications are available in this office or online at You may also contact the Division of Consumer Affairs at 1 (888) 656-6225.
Required Inspections:
Construction work must be inspected in accordance with the State Uniform Construction Code regulations NJAC 5:23-2.18.
The owner or other responsible person in charge of work must notify this agency when work is ready for any required inspections specified below. Requests for inspections must be made at least 24 hours prior to the time the inspection is desired. Inspections will be performed within three business days of the time for which they are requested. The work must not proceed in a manner which will preclude the inspection until it has been made and approved.
Inspections required are as follows:
  • Footing Trenches
  • Foundations and all walls up to grade before backfill
  • Rough electric, rough plumbing and rough framing
  • Insulation
  • Final building, final electric, final plumbing and final fire
Please contact this office if you have any questions regarding this matter.

State of New Jersey Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Certification For Home Resale Online
Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Certification For Home Resale Online

To Comply With Energy Sub Code:

To comply with the Energy Sub Code go to
Click online Compliance Tools, Click REScheck-web online Code Compliance. Input New Jersey as Code and State. Click start REScheck web. In notes section put address of project. Click on envelope, input needed information for all sections that apply to your project.
Please note that the space marked for continuous insulation is for use when you are adding additional insulation above what you are installing in the cavity R value section.
Do not select any items that do not apply to your project. Click on the Mechanical section. Click on type of heat you are currently using or plan to install. In the AFUE Section insert the correct number. If you have central air conditioning or plan to install, insert the correct SEER number in that section.
When all information has been entered click Check Compliance. If you pass, click the printer icon to printout the report. You will need two copies for permit. If you do not pass……you will need to install more insulation, more efficient windows or more efficient HVAC.

To see if your property may be located in a flood zone go to
Click on maps, click accept, click on parcels and click ok. Check the box marked flood plains then click refresh map. Clock start search and enter address. If you are located in a flood zone your property will be in an area that is highlighted red. If in a Flood Zone, you must meet all of the Flood requirements for construction and substantial improvement.

For CAFRA and Fresh Water Wetlands information and forms go to:
To check for Fresh Water Wetlands, follow the above procedure but check the soils box. When the map with you parcel comes up, in the drop down box at the top of the page click on soils. In the menu line at the top of the page click on the arrow and the click on your property. The soil type will be displayed. If your soil is any of the following you will need an absence or presence letter from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Soil Types: Aptv, BEXS, HbmB, HboA, Makt, Mmtv, Pdwv, Trkv.

Dennis Township Construction Department Downloads:
Permit Application Information::
Zoning Permit
Permit Jacket 1
Permit Jacket 2
Permit Jacket 3
Fire Sprinkler Data Plate
Mechanical Inspector Technical Section
Required Inspections
Certificate of Occupancy Application
SSTD 10-99 (Updated file coming soon)
WFCM 120 B Guide
Variation Application
New Home Builder Application
New Home Builder Renewal
Home Improvement Contractor Application
Other Information:
To comply with the Energy Sub Code go to

To view Codes adopted in New Jersey go to:

To see if you may be located in a Flood Zone, go to

To see if you may be located in a CAFRA and Fresh Water Wetlands zone, go to

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