The May brush collection schedule is approximate as this service is weather and load dependent.

Earliest pick-up dates for each area are as follows:

  • Area 2 – 5/6
  • Area 3 – 5/13
  • Area 4 – 5/20
  • Area 1 – 5/27

Residents are reminded that brush piles are not to exceed 4’x4’x8’ in compliance with Township Ordinance.

Not sure what area you’re in?

Collection Areas

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Collection Areas
Area 1 Area 2 Area 3 Area 4

Area 1

From Johnson's Mill Pond north, including NW Dennis, Eldora & Belleplain.

Area 2

From Johnson's Mill Pond south, including all of Dennisville and part of South Dennis, including all roads branching off of Route 47. Route 83 to and including Dennis Creek Village. Dennisville Road from Route 83 to intersection of Hagen Road and Dennisville Road.

Area 3

Remainder of Route 83, Route 9 south from intersection of Route 9 and Route 83, all of Kings Highway to Woodbine-Ocean View Road, Dennisville Road from intersection with Hagan Road to intersection with Main Street in South Seaville, Hagen Road, North & South Ravenwood Drive, and all roads branching off of these roads.

Area 4

Route 9 north of intersection with Route 83, all roads east of Route 9, Corson's Tavern Road, Woodbine-Ocean View Road, Main Street in South Seaville, DeVaul's Lane, Tompkins Lane, Alexander Way, and all roads branching off of these roads.