The Township of Dennis is seeking proposals for the following contracts for the calendar year 2021:

  1. Township Solicitor
  2. Conflict Counsel for Township Solicitor
  3. Hearing Officer
  4. Township Auditor
  5. Township Labor Attorney
  6. Consolidated Land Use Board Attorney
  7. Consolidated Land Use Board Engineer
  8. Special Counsel – Affordable Housing
  9. Planner
  10. Grants Consultant
  11. Township Bond Counsel
  12. Township Engineer
  13. Township Alt. Engineer
  14. Risk Management Consulting Services

Please submit 9 copies each of Solicitor, Conflict Counsel for Township Solicitor, Hearing Officer, Auditor, Labor Attorney, Special Counsel – Affordable Housing, Planner, Grants Consultant, Bond Counsel, Township Engineer, Alt. Engineer, and Risk Management Consultant and 14 copies each of the Consolidated Land Use Board Attorney and Consolidated Land Use Board Engineer.

Please place proposal in sealed envelope plainly identified on the outside for what contract it is for.

Proposals must be received by Jacqueline B Justice, RMC no later than 4:00 pm on Friday, November 27, 2020.

Please review attached resolution No. 2006-35, which establishes the Fair and Open Proposal Award Criteria.