Township Personnel

Main #: 609-861-9700

Mayor MatalucciDennis Township Mayor

Zeth A. Matalucci – 12/31/2022


Administration, Emergency Management, Public Safety, 911 Coordinator/Fire & Rescue, Senior Center, Revenue & Finance, Code Enforcement and Public Works.

Deputy Mayor TurnerDeputy Mayor

Scott J. Turner – 12/31/2020

Public Works, Environmental Commission, Revenus & Finance, Museum & Historical Center, Land Use Board and Tax Offices.

Committee Members

Frank Germanio – 12/31/2021

Administration, Municipal Court, Board of Health, Construction, Grants & Cultural, Revenue & Finance, Heritage and Senior Center.

Thomas Van Artsdalen – 12/31/2020

Construction, Code Enforcement, Recreation, Environmental Commission,
Clean Communities, Grants and Cultural & Heritage.

Administrative Staff

  • Solicitor – Kyle Weinberg
  • Engineer – Mike Fralinger
  • Clerk – Jackie Justice

Administration & Staff

Animal Control

Steve Serwatka, Animal Control Officer
Chris Conroy, Wildlife Specialist – 609-861-2886


Judge James Birchmeier – 609-628-2015

Electrical Inspector

Frank Primavera, Electrical Sub-Code

Municipal Auditor

Leon P. Costello CPA/RMA – 609-399-6333

Recording Clerk

Debbie Berg – Recording Clerk for Township Meetings

Board & Committees

Environmental Commission Members

Consolidated Land Use Board Members

  • Chairperson - Daniel Walsh - 2022 / Class IV
  • Vice-Chairperson - Joseph Chambers - 2024 / Class IV
  • David Watson - 2025 / Class IV
  • Harry Cowan - 2023 / Class IV
  • Thomas McEvoy - 2022 / Class I-Mayor’s Designee
  • Scott Turner - 2021 / Class III
  • Robert Penrose - 2022 / Class II
  • Les Frie - 2023 / Class IV
  • Chris Hope - 2024 / Class IV
  • Carly Caprioni - 2022 / Alt #1
  • Elizabeth Martucci - 2022 / Alt #2

History and Organization of the Dennis Township Committee

The Township of Dennis was established in 1826. The Township operates under the Township Committee form of government with five members, one of its members serving as Mayor, pursuant to New Jersey State Statutes. All committee members serve in a part-time capacity and receive an annual salary.

Pursuant to New Jersey Law, the committee has the authority to adopt, amend and repeal any ordinance or resolution for any purpose required for the government; reviewing, revising and adopting the annual budget; make appropriations, levying taxes, authorizing bond issues; providing for the internal structure of the local government; providing by ordinance for the creation and abolition of jobs; fixing salaries; establishing municipal policy and adopting an Administrative Code. Committee also has the authority to initiate hearings for the purpose of gathering information for ordinance making, public situations or issues, as well as, supervising the spending of appropriations.

Statutes governing the Township form of government can be found in N.J.S. 40A:63-1 et seq.